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Building a Successful B2B Facebook Page


It’s no secret to those in marketing that Facebook fan pages can be a very effective way to promote one’s company and products.  While it is mainly a consumer based platform (see Coca-Cola’s page with over 43 million “likes”) there is still plenty of room for B2B companies to be successful.  It’s all about focusing in on your target audience, and providing them with compelling and informative content about topics of interest to them and updates about your company.  

1. Content Reigns Supremedescribe the image

The number one, most important feature to your Facebook fan page is your content.  Providing good, consistently refreshed content, gives users a reason to return to your page and provides fans with updates in their news feeds.  Rich media posts including videos, pictures, and interesting articles turn your fan page into a source of news rather than simply a promotional tool.  Posting interesting updates that grab the user’s attention, gives them a reason to click over to your website.  Hubspot’s Facebook page for example, posts about the free webinars and white papers that they offer to their “fans” on a nearly daily basis.  These calls to action shoot the user over to Hubspot’s website where they must fill out a form to access the content. By doing this, Hubspot is generating worthwhile leads of people interested in their products while providing useful information.

2. “You Gotta Look Good, to Play Good”

Having a professional layout to your company’s page can set you apart from your competitors.  By creating an interactive landing page that features your products and services, users see a solid representation of your brand and get a feel for what your business is all about.  Using pictures, colors, and interactive posts, you can stimulate the user’s interest in your brand, which can encourage them to look around even more.


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3.  Frequency and Topic of Your Updates

Anyone with a personal Facebook page knows how annoying it can be when someone posts too frequently on Facebook; the same can be said with company facebook pages.  A professional page representing your company is no place to post non-stop status updates about what you're doing, what you ate for lunch, or personal relationships.  When posting for your page, you should aim to post between 2 and 4 times per day about relevant information that your users would find interesting.  By aiming for 2-4 posts per day you aren’t bombarding your followers with constant updates, but at the same time you are reminding them that you are "in the know" when it comes to your field.  

4.  "If You Build It, They Will Come"

For consumer businesses, the goal for their Facebook page is to gain as many followers as possible so that the company can have their posts seen by as many eyes as possible.  WIth B2B companies, it’s all about gaining the right following; the people who can make decisions.  You may think that having thousands and thousands of “likes” makes your page more marketable to potential clients, but the truly important thing is to have people who can make a difference following your comapny.  In FuelDog’s case, we target chief marketing officers and heads of corporate communications.  

As with everything else your company does with social media, you should be utilizing Facebook and your posts as a lead generator.  Linking potential clients over to your website for downloading whitepapers, webinars, etc. enters them into your sales pipeline and gets you more sales.  Facebook can be a great tool for lead generating when used properly.  If you have a professional looking page that supplies a good amount of content to the right target audience, you will see how powerful of a marketing tool that a B2B fan page on Facebook can be for your company.  


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